Changing Lives

first time

The First Time

"Beaming with joy and wonder... that is the look on our granddaughter's face whenever she experiences something new in her Upsee. The first time she "walked" down our driveway, running her hands through the flowers growing alongside. The first time she "ran" after a ball with her cousin. The first time she "danced" with her grandpa.

At four years old, these firsts would still be beyond her grasp, had it not been for the generosity and compassion of the CSL Foundation. My husband and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your amazing gifts. Your gift to our granddaughter, the Upsee, gave her the ability to experience her world in a whole new way. Your gift to us is how much more beautiful our world becomes with every single one of her smiles; and thanks to you with every new "first" she gets to enjoy, there are many, many more smiles to come."

Forever grateful,
Chris and Steve Luthy

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