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Doc Wayne is an award-winning non-profit reimagining therapy through the lens of sport. We use an evidence-informed curriculum incorporating social-emotional learning and life skills. Here, clinicians are coaches. Our staff lead weekly sessions with students, ages 5-18, designed to support them as they process and persevere through adversity.

The Doc Wayne philosophy is taught through a program called Chalk TalkĀ® that destigmatizes mental health. Our program is offered on a weekly basis in school systems and other youth-serving organizations. We believe that by supporting the Whole Child - on the field and off - we can develop more resilient learners and leaders.

Over time, as individuals and in teams, they learn to heal together, grow together, and win together.

Doc Wayne partners with schools and community centers to best serve youth where they are. Our program is designed to promote physical and mental health, resilience, good teammates, friends, and family members, and confidence and self-esteem. All of these life skills lead to academic and personal achievement for young people.

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