Will the CSL Foundation sponsor non-Massachusetts residents?
Part of the pre-requisite for receiving support is to be a Massachusetts Resident. Proof of residency will be required.

Will the CSL Foundation donate to the same individual or program more than once?
This is based on the availability of funds and will be reviewed in conjunction with other applications submitted.The CSL Foundation has donated to the same individual or program in the past.

Does the CSL Foundation assist or sponsor any local events?
Yes, the CSL Foundation has assisted communities with events that support our mission. Please contact Enzo Scalora for more information, or click here for events we have sponsored.

My child/organization needs help. What should I do?
Click here for application form.

Does the applicant need to demonstrate a financial need?
The CSL Foundation does not have any specific requirements at this time for an applicant to demonstrate financial need. We will require references from the applicant and/or doctor’s notes supporting the application.