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A helpful lift...
Part of Kaitlyn’s daily life with Dravet Syndrome includes the physical challenge of grand mal seizures.

Whether for postictal rest or nightly sleep, the act of getting Kaitlyn from the first floor living area to her second floor bedroom became a demanding, and at times dangerous maneuver requiring two adults. Kaitlyn’s growth and her parent’s aging turned what was once a loving, doable routine into a significant safety concern. At some point during the climb up the stairs, everyone involved would find themselves in precarious, awkward positions, defying injury potential.

With CSL financial support, Kaitlyn now travels from the first to second floor with the assistance of a permanently installed chair lift. Parents Tim and Bobbi Sue were gracious in acknowledging CSL’s role in removing the daily worry and fear of whether the next trip up the stairs would bring disaster. With humility, they have reported the chair has already delivered rock-solid, emergency relief.

Bobbi Sue, Tim, Kevin & Kaitlyn

"With support from the CSL Foundation,
we are helping children and families understand the genetic causes of their vision loss."

Emily Place
Genetic Counselor
Massachusetts Eye and Ear