Changing Lives

changing lives

Anna's story

Anna's case was an extremely severe case resulting in myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle), visual impairment, and global developmental delays. She went into cardiac arrest twice, as well as respiratory failure, and was on life support for 9 days. For two years, she has had to fight to relearn all the skills she had already achieved prior to becoming sick. Her mother is tireless in her efforts to maximize Anna's development, shuttling her from therapist to therapist and program to program, while at the same time raising her younger sister.

Ana is certified nursing assistant and has recently had her hours cut back. She has had to withdraw her daughter, Anna from physical therapy lessons because she could no longer afford to pay for them. The program director in charge of Anna’s lessons indicated Anna had already begun to show some progress in the areas of strength, balance, and coordination with the lessons she had in the fall, and she felt strongly that Anna would continue to benefit from additional services. Based on this need, The CSL Foundation provided support to Anna to continue with lessons for 6 months.

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